Geir Nustad (NO, 1984)

The sculptures of Geir Nustad are made up of multiple layers of colored glass. All glass objects are blown freehanded by him. Every object is a unique piece. Geir Nustad has developed exclusive recipes through the years to give the surface and texture of his object a special and expressive character. He often uses materials that not often are used in combination with hot glass. Geir also adds minerals and oxides in a way that is improper for medium glass. This way of working results in sculptural glass objects with very personal imagery.


Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
Kosta Glasscenter
Kosta Zweden


Design Museum Gent
Fagforbundet Oslo
internationale privéverzamelingen en bedrijfscollecties Noorse ambassade Den Haag


Sculpture for the Robbert Dijkgraaf Essayprijs 2021

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